CBC Route 12 Rathfarnham to City Centre

I think the Bus Priority measures at peak times need to be implemented ahead of any Bus Corridor proposals due to the destructive impact on residential amenities for local people arising from this proposal.

Curtailing car access at peak times will achieve improved bus journey times.

24/7 infrastructure which is very expensive ( more than projected cost ) is not needed to deal with a peak time 5/24 issue – 5 hours out of 24. Certain aspects apply for 0700 – 1000 and 1600 to 1900. More of this thinking needed to deal with what is a peak time issue.

A feature of this route is the number of listed buildings on the route and the historic nature of the streetscape of Terenure Road East and Rathgar Road in particular. The garden railings are part of the historic streetscape. Proposal as it stands will effectively vandalise the streetscape including many mature urban trees.

Rathfarnham Road land take at 6m is excessive and the most severe on the route. Residents have pointed out that a reduction in speed limit down to 30kph would allow for cyclist and buses to share road space. This is a busy stretch of road which means that this speed limit is viable.

The right turn onto Terenure Road East appears to have insufficient space to allow for buses complete this traffic manoeuvre. It is unclear why buses do not proceed straight ahead along Terenure Road North to Harolds Cross.

Land take on Terenure Road east does not achieve a continuous cycle route which raises the question as why it is being proposed. The partial nature of cycle route having regard to the priority given to buses at various points on the route calls into question as whether this route at this point will in fact be used by cyclists, which raises the issue on the viability of road space allocation.

The closer to the city at Rathmines end the volume of cyclists is very high and will no doubt increase which means that cycling options increase in importance closer to the city. It seems further work needed on this aspect. Congestion charging for motorists to cross canal cordon will probably be needed in future to allow for priority for pedestrians, buses & cyclists.

An issue with the proposals is that there is a risk that all that happens is that buses speed up between pinch points of Terenure Cross / Rathgar Village / Rathmines Cross with little net gain in actual journey times.

There are 4 roads off Terenure Road East that will have difficulty accessing their houses. 2 of these roads Healthfield & Ferrard are cul- de-sacs with no option but to enter/exit via main road.

There are 14 roads off Rathgar Road of which 6 are cul-de-sacs.  The number of these roads will give rise to a need for much increased pedestrian crossings if the road is widened which lose any benefit in transit time from widening. The road is in a heavily populated area with people having multiple reasons to cross the road on foot at various points. Bus traffic already flows well on Rathgar Road under existing arrangements. Congestion issues are for less than 1 hour in am & approx 2 hours in pm. Proposal for this lengthy road is not proportionate to the traffic issue being addressed.

As regards pedestrians, plans on Rathgar Road are suggesting reducing the footpath from 3 metres wide in parts down to 2 metres wide while maintaining the speed limit at 50km/hr, despite prolonged campaigning over many years by Rathgar residents to have the speed limit on the road reduced to 30km/hr. As in case of Rathfarnham Road this would obviate some of space being sought for cycle lanes.

The proposed cycle track on Map 13B has little support from cyclists and seems to be an off the wall proposal having no regard to existing layout of apartment blocks, residential streets, walls or school grounds.

There are 11 roads off Lr Rathmines Road of which 6 are cul de sacs with no option but to enter/exit via main road. 

Proposal to divert traffic onto Castlewood Avenue appears to disregard the lack of capacity of this road to cope with additional vehicular traffic. There has to be a severe risk of a major traffic bottleneck affecting all modes of traffic including buses, cyclists and pedestrians. A wider traffic management plan than is evident in this proposal is needed for the Rathmines area.

The role of rail in trying to meet the Public Transport challenge has not been fully considered resulting in this Bus corridor proposal

Linking Tallaght Red Luas line to Green Luas line at Cowper in Rathmines would greatly assist people in traversing Route 10 and Route 12. This could be viewed as a medium term part of solution.

Metro underground system to link out to Rathfarnham from Charlemont is the best long term solution. Evaluation data on this route appears to be 10 years out of date.

Other cities appear to be able to combine light rail , Metro and bus services, why not Dublin?.

I strongly urge that the current proposal on this route be abandoned for the reasons stated.