CBC Route 11 Kimmage to City Centre

I think the Bus Priority measures at peak times need to be implemented ahead of any Bus Corridor proposals due to the destructive impact on residential amenities for local people arising from this proposal.

Curtailing car access at peak time will achieve improved bus journey times.

24/7 infrastructure which is very expensive ( more than projected cost ) is not needed to deal with a peak time 5/24 issue – 5 hours out of 24.

The design of this scheme sending cars into Clareville Road where there are 2 schools & Sundrive Road where there is a major shopping centre is flawed at best.

The lower Kimmage Road is a residential area and a Bus Corridor will divide community and make local access extremely complex.

Land take on significant portion of road will be destructive of residential amenity both for residents and the wider area.  The level of benefit arising in terms of improved bus times has to be questioned / validated.

Lr Kimmage Road has a major church Mount Argus and a major crematorium Mount Jerome.

Proposal to divert buses into this bus corridor while ceasing many well used bus routes, does not reflect the travel pattern of people which does not fall neatly into straight line corridors. Much of local transport crosses this corridor and will be blocked resulting in people being cut off from amenities they currently use.

This will adversely affect trade in Rathmines & Terenure in particular.

Proposed cycle route will be disruptive to local streets and it is not clear that it a route that cyclists will use as it is not a clear Point A to Point B route.  Traversing the park on Priory Road will make a road out the Park.

Local access arrangements for residents are very unclear and are clearly needed if the area is to remain a residential area.