CBC Route 10 Tallaght to Terenure

I think the Bus Priority measures at peak times need to be implemented ahead of any Bus Corridor proposals due to the destructive impact on residential amenities for local people arising from this proposal.

Curtailing car access at peak time will achieve improved bus journey times.

24/7 infrastructure which is very expensive ( more than projected cost ) is not needed to deal with a peak time 5/24 issue – 5 hours out of 24. Certain aspects apply for 0700 – 1000 and 1600 to 1900. More of this thinking needed to deal with what is a peak time issue.

The proposal to only have buses travel inbound on a 24/7 basis represents a severe reduction in access to Terenure village which in turn represents a threat to businesses in the village.  The reduced access will result in traffic diverting to nearby residential streets such as Greenlea Road which result in traffic meant for main road now turning up on side roads. This impact could be severe for residents on new rat running routes. Traffic is already problematic on many side roads in Terenure. Traffic routing onto Fortfield Road instead of Templeogue road 24/7 will not help.

Local access for residents on Olney & Fergus roads is unclear.

Terenure Place will always be a traffic bottleneck and some of this scheme will result in quicker travel between bottlenecks but not necessarily a significant improvement in overall journey times for buses. Impact on bus times needs to be validated.

Scheme proposal for right hand turn on Springfield Road is positive and should be implemented in any event.

This submission does not deal with Corridor impact on Templeogue village or impacts further along route after Terenure Place