Ruairi’s Top Priorities for #LE19

Local Property Tax

I am seeking to limit the local property tax level to current levels in order to ensure affordability for most people & also to avoid uncertainty as to level of charge – supporting 15% discount level

Dublin Climate Change Action Plan

Protecting our local environment from pollution and waste has always been a long standing commitment of mine. Illegal dumping, graffiti, abandoned bicycles, trolleys and cars, overflowing skips, public litter bin maintenance, litter offences and bonfire materials. The curbing of local environmental pollution will be a top priority of mine.


Dublin City Council as a Housing Authority are on the front line of responding to housing supply and other housing related issues. Seeking to increase the supply of housing will be my number one priority if re-elected.


I think the Bus Priority measures at peak times need to be implemented ahead of any Bus Corridor proposals due to the destructive impact on residential amenities for local people arising from this proposal.