What Drives Me to Run Again:

  • Fiscally Aware

I am aware of need to balance DCC revenue budget in order to ensure orderly growth of City services. This means challenging areas where Central Government allow funding shortfalls develop for Local Authorities

  • Local Property Tax

I am seeking to limit tax level to current levels in order to ensure affordability for most people & also to avoid uncertainty as to level of charge – supporting 15% discount level

  • Commercial Rates

I am seeking to minimise rate increases in order to assist viability of small businesses throughout the city – this is the major external revenue stream for city government

  • Value for money

I am ensuring that waste of money is avoided and that people are held to account for their various budget headings

  • Service Delivery

I am modernising communication methods and reporting against agreed performance standards

Getting Things Done:

  • Delivering Locally

I am helping local communities , groups and individuals in delivering local projects on the ground

  • Housing applicants 

Dublin City Council as a Housing Authority are in the front line of responding to social housing and other housing related issues

  • Responding to queries 

Being accessible to members of public via email, phone , public meetings , local events